Monday, July 22, 2013

First E-mail from Lynnwood, Washington 7/22/13

Elder Bahr is doing great!  Washington is a busy area for missionaries right now.  He wrote:

My companion is from Pearl City, Hawaii.  His name is Elder Haupu.  He has been out three months and is already a trainer and district leader.

The area we are serving in is Lynnwood, Washington.  We are in charge of the Beverly Park Ward with a set of Sister missionaries.  The area has been productive so far.  Last week, we taught 21 lessons. 

The apartment we live in is not too small, but not too big.  All of the walls are white and have a few pictures on them.  We have a bathroom, a bedroom, and kitchen.  The kitchen has an oven and refrigerator.  We have a washer and dryer in the apartment that can fit all of my shirts.  It takes about three loads to wash all of my stuff for a week.  The apartment works and a lot of times we are only there for three hours in the morning and then after 9:00 pm.  We eat breakfast, study, and sleep there.

I have had many opportunities already to share my testimony with investigators and other missionaries.  On Wednesday, I had to share my testimony in our District Meeting.  I felt like I was rambling on at first, but afterwards, I was told that I did a good job.  So, I must have said some things that were half way decent.  Then, on Friday, we had New Missionary Training.  At the end of that, President Bonham called on me to share my testimony with all of the new missionaries.  I had no idea what I was doing, but when I got up there, I had things to say.  That time, the Spirit took over and the words flowed and made sense.  I could not tell you some of the stuff I said, but I know I did it.  I don't know why he called on me, but there were three missionaries chosen to share, and I was one of them. 
Later on Friday, I had the opportunity to give one of our investigators a blessing.  This investigator is being baptized this Saturday.  She was struggling with some of the challenges we gave her, so she asked for a blessing.  When we asked her who she wanted to give her a blessing, she pointed at me.  Because I had never given a blessing before, I was a little nervous.  But when, I started to give the blessing, the Spirit took over and spoke for me.  I don't remember the promises I made her or what I blessed her with.  I know that the Spirit does speak through me as a priesthood holder.  It was an experience that I will not forget, giving my first blessing to an investigator.  I can remember the feelings I had before I gave the blessing and after the blessing, but nothing else. 

On Saturday, Elder Haupu and I gave a church tour to one of our investigators.  During the church tour, the couple continued to say that they felt like they were at home and that things felt right.  I think that they know it is true and will be our next people to be baptized.  They are progressing quickly and want to see us three times this week. 
I have been provided dinner every night except one so far.  The members are pretty good about signing up to feed us.  I have eaten steaks, pasta, grilled chiken, and some other stuff.  They gave us some easy, quick recipes at the mission office, too.  So, for now, I think I am good on recipes and food.

I am excited to see what happens this week!

I love all of you!  Have a good week!
Elder Bahr

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