Tuesday, July 16, 2013

E-mail from the MTC - 7/10/13

Ryan sent us an e-mail last Wednesday.  It was great to hear from him!

"I have prayed daily more than I have ever prayed before and have seen it change my life.  I have seen God´s hand in everything I have done.  He has taught me so much from personal study and through personal revelation after prayer.  I am enjoying my mission now and hope to see even more as I progress.

Living with five other Elders in the room has been squishy.  The bunks are arranged in doubles.  My companion sleeps above my head, and it feels like there is an earthquake above my head sometimes.  Elder Smith also talks in his sleep.  I will send pictures at a later time when I have access to computers with picture access with all of us in it.  I have taken a lot of pictures for you at the MTC and will take more.

There are 10 missionaries in my district.  There are 6 Elders, the ones in my residence hall, and 4 Sisters.  Four of us Elders are from Utah and two are from out of state, one from Arizona and one from Nevada (Henderson).  Two of the Sisters are from Utah and the other two are from Florida and Georgia.  We meet everyday as a district for all of our classes and devotionals.

There are over 3,000 missionaries at the MTC between all of the campuses being utilized.  At the devotional last night, we sang Called to Serve, and it was amazing to see all of God´s army singing together.  Some missionaries are here for up to 8 weeks and some are here for 12 days like me.  The work is hastening on and I am part of a record breaking time in the church.  I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and can feel it everyday.

This week, there are even more missionaries coming into the MTC.  Today, I have seen a lot of people coming in with the orange sticker, and now I get to tell people, "Welcome to the MTC, Elder/Sister!"  I will not get to be a Host because I am here for such a short time.  Only those who are here for more than six weeks get to help the new missionaries onto campus.  It would be a cool experience, but I am grateful that I get to leave and enter the field so quickly, too.

I have received my flight and departure information.  We leave the MTC on Tuesday morning by 5 am and fly on Delta to SEA from SLC at 8.  I have been designated travel director and have to make sure that 26 Elders and Sisters make it to Washington.  All of those 26 are going to the Washington Everett Mission.  I will be able to call from the airport.  I will purchase a calling card from the bookstore here and will call around 7 on Tuesday.

The devotionals and lessons here have been amazing.  I have learned a lot for myself.  I have mainly learned that I need to be patient and rely on the Lord to help me through my struggles.  I may not know why the Lord gives me struggles, but in due time I will learn.  There is always a lesson for us as his children to learn.  We will never be alone even though sometimes we may feel that way.  We must learn to accept the Spirit and be receptive to it because it will come in various ways as we are worthy and ready to receive it.  I have loved the things I have learned so far.  The scriptures have become closer to me than ever.  I read them for at least an hour each day during Personal Study time.

Everyday, we wake up at 6.  Then, we get ready, study for about 30 minutes, and head to breakfast.  After breakfast, we study or start classes.   Classes and more studying go throughout the day.  Classes include Zone teaching and Classroom Instruction.  This last Sunday, we had Fast and Testimony Meeting with our branch.  The Spirit was so strong as missionaries shared their testimonies with us.  I have also noticed that the Spirit is very strong when hymns are sung.  We truly are the Army of Helaman ready to go forth to all nations to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Elder Bahr's foot began to swell and cause pain.  Some Elders in his district were able to give him a blessing.  "Last night, two of the Elders in my district had the opportunity to give me a blessing to help me through with my foot.  Our district leader, Elder Finley, picked two Elders to perform the blessing.  The two Elders who performed the blessing were Elder Lambourne and Elder West.  During the blessing, the Spirit was so strong and I knew that I would be healed of the pain in my foot.  It was good to have two Elders who I trusted and knew are worthy priesthood holders." 

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