Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Last Six Months

A lot has changed for Elder Bahr.  He was born with a club foot that made serving a mission difficult. Walking from door to door was extremely painful because of his foot.  After serving in Washington for two months, he saw a doctor who determined that he needed surgery.  Elder Bahr returned home on September 3rd 2013 after being honorably released.  He saw many doctors here at home who also agreed that he needed surgery.  After numerous tests and visits, it was decided that amputation would be the best option for him.  In January of 2014, he had surgery to amputate his right foot.  In February, he was fit for a prosthetic.  He has been working weekly with a prosthetist (someone who fits prosthetics) and physical therapist to ensure that he recovers quickly and with ease.  He had the opportunity to share his story in stake conference, had a general authority visit him at home, and has also been able to share his story with various people here at home.  He is grateful for all of the support and love that everyone has shown him.  Just because Elder Bahr had to come home doesn't mean that his mission is over.  Heavenly Father has another plan for him.

His foot before surgery.  The anatomy of his ankle was a major cause of his pain.

His cast after surgery.  His recovery was quick.

Below the knee amputation.  He has healed very fast.

His current prosthetic.  He walks well, and with some more training, will be able to run and hike this summer.  :)