Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lynnwood, Washington - 8/5/13

Elder Bahr wrote:

I received both packages that you sent me.  I enjoyed the treats that I have eaten so far.  I am taking some in my backpack with me when I go places and eat them when I feel like I need something.  The ties you sent me were a hit with the Zone Leaders and some of the other missionaries.  I like them, too.  
My foot has still been acting badly.  (His foot has been quite painful lately, but he is still optimistic).  Presdient Bonham talked with me last week after he talked with you or found out what you said and we decided on some other options that Salt Lake provided to him. 
The trip into Seattle was not too bad.  When he was in the doctor's office, I sat outside alone and had some peace and quiet.  It was weird not having a third and fourth leg with me for three hours!  But, it was kind of nice to have some study and contemplation time without anyone else near me.  It might have been a blessing in disguise.  I did not get lost getting there because we have a GPS.  I traded companions for the day since I am the only one that can drive.  I am the designated medical drive for right now.  It gave my foot a chance to rest and it got the missionary to the doctor.  I will probably be taking him back tomorrow.
The car that we have now, the 2010, now has some problems.  One of the tires is losing air.  We have to take it into the tire store, but we never have time.  Luckily, the car is for sale and the church will not have it for too much longer. 
Last week, we taught 10 lessons.  It was hard because of my foot and because we were in charge of helping the other area in our district.  Because the one missionary has been sick, we were sent over there for a time each day.  The couple that toured the church was sick all last week.  The husband was in the Emergency Room last Sunday.  He was diagnosed with a bad case of sinusitus and a virus.  So, we only got to see him on Saturday.  They are still progressing, though.  Our teaching pool is shrinking, but our area is still booming and our ward is willing to help us out in any way that they can.  When we show that they can trust us, they are willing to help us.  By teaching so many lessons in one week, it shows the members that we are working.
Glad to hear that all of the missionaries in our ward are doing well.  

I have been e-mailing Sam each week.  He leaves this Wednesday and likes hearing about my experiences.  He looks forward to it and wants to get out there.  I also e-mailed Ammon today.  He wanted to hear some of my stories now that he is back from Hawaii.  He is in the stage of preparing to leave now, too.  Everyone leaves so soon.  So many people have received their calls.  The Lord's work is truly hastening.  The next transfer here, we get 21 new missionaries, 19 sisters and 2 elders.  Only 4 missionaries are going home.  That means that areas will be opened and wards will start gaining more missionaries.  It is great to see!
The weather here has been sunny except for the rain that I think we passed on to you at the soccer tournament :)  It rained here last week on ThursdayFriday, and part of Saturday.  It was not the misty rain either.  It poured for hours.  But, after it rains it is beautiful and smells fresh.  It gets a little chilly at night and in the morning, but overall it is not too bad. 
I have not given up yet, and I do not plan to.  Last week on Friday and Saturday, I spent both days with President and Sister Bonham.  It was just me and them.  On Friday, I went to interviews with them in another zone.  On the way there and back, we talked about what my options are.  Then, on Saturday, I got to spend time going to baptisms with them.  They want me off my feet for a little while.
President Bonham prayed about it and also called Missionary Headquarters and the Quorum of the 70 Member who is over our Mission.  I am meant to be in this mission.  The Lord called me here for a reason.  Everyone in Salt Lake City said that after reviewing my application for over an hour, they will not change anything.  It is right for me.  They feel it is where I need to be.  But, they do have things that I can do and will be doing starting tomorrow.
Both President Bonham and people in Salt Lake have discussed me working in the office from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm each day and then going out to teach set appointments in the evening.  That way, I will avoid all of the proselyting on my feet and going up and down stair cases that are not needed.  There is plenty of work that can be done to help with the work in the office.  They have told me some of the things that I will try doing over the next several weeks.
Here are some of the things:
-When transfers come, I will manage bicycle movement and getting them to where they need to be
-Getting bicycles repaired
-Mormon.org messages/videos with local members
-Church tours (Improving them to what the church wants)
-When I-Pads come, entering Area Book information
-Creating teaching materials for District Leaders/Zone Leaders
-Teaching a "Teaching How to Teach" Class
-Creating Multimedia Presentations
-Helping with Record Keeping
I am excited to see what they come up with.  I know that I will still be part of the work in bringing His children into the Gospel as I teach lessons.  Finding is only the first step in the conversion.  Teaching is important and essential before baptism.  We will be gaining another missionary into our apartment so there will be three of us at night and so Elder Haupu can go out during the day with the other companion.  The Senior missionary Elders in the office will be my companions during the day.  There are many great things in store for me.  Everything happens in the Lord's timeframe according to His will.  They know that I am supposed to be here.  I trust President Bonham and am very grateful for his love.  He has been the most helpful and kind President I think I could have.  He even has some humor.  It is a testimony to me that God speaks and reveals things to his leaders when both President Bonham and those in Salt Lake came up with the same thing.
Overall, I am doing well.  I am working on keeping a positive attitude and staying upbeat.  Some days are harder than others.  But, there are new opportunites opening up before me and I have to try them.  Things will work out. 
Love you all,
Elder Bahr

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