Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lynnwood, Washington - 8/26/13

We received an e-mail  from Elder Bahr on Monday.  He wrote: 

The Church Tours are scheduled to start September 10th.  I have started printing out Pass-Along Cards in the Mission Office.  For each tour, I cut out 362 cards, 6 on each piece of card stock.  It takes a lot of time, but if it helps the work, it is worth it.
The wedding last week was a big success.  They had ten or so of their family members there and then a lot of the ward members came.  After the wedding, they had a potluck so that they could get to know members of the ward better.  The couple thanked everyone for coming and were grateful for everything.  They are a humble couple that just wanted to be married after a long time of being together.  They made the right decision.  Now, it is on to preparing for baptism next month.
Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the departing missionary dinner and testimony meeting at the Mission Home so that my companions could go out and work hard.  At the dinner, there were two missionaries who were finished with their service and one who was leaving for Brazil.  After dinner, the testimony meeting was very good.  From one of the Senior Couple Sisters who works in the Mission Office with me, I learned part of why I am here in Washington.  After I shared my testimony, she had the chance to share her testimony.  When she started sharing, she said, "Elder Bahr, if you are not here for anyone else, you are here to help me.  I have never heard you complain when you have been in the Mission Office and you are always laughing and smiling.  You have helped me to stay here in the mission." 
As she spoke, I had a warm feeling come over me.  I knew that working in the Mission Office had a purpose already besides helping President Bonham.  The Spirit is amazing how it testifies as you hear things. 
Elder Bahr

Sorry, it's blurry, but this is Elder Bahr's district.

The couple that got married and the missionaries that have been teaching them.

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